one last half​-​assed try to please so just take it as the body of christ

by Chief Rebel Angel

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released November 16, 2015

recorded by Zoltán Cs. Szabó @ Artist Factory
mixed and mastered by Péter Sohajda @ Standing Waves
cover concept and design by Rudolf Szilágyi



all rights reserved


Chief Rebel Angel Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Brazilian Rabbit Pie
I'm laying low
Sweating it out for a little while
Don't feel the vibe of this place
And I don't want no piece of the pie

I don't abide by the rules of this thing no more
I won't go out on a rabbit chase no more

I've had it all
Mercy fucks and peaced out fights
One last half-assed try to please
So you just take it as the body of Christ
Track Name: Demagnetized
Save the explanations if that is all you got
Crack open a bottle of Thorazine
'cause you gave it your best shot

Never had it so good, these are the best of days
And no, you ain't going nowhere, you just like what you've done with the place

Saddle your instigations all the way to kingdom gone
You're all tied up picking your fights
In the end you'll be overcome

It's not that you're a bad man
I can't see it in your eyes
But it's funny how your compass has demagnetized
Track Name: 1-5-7-4
Is that how you wanna go
I guess you don't even know
Do you recall the last time you had a clue

Are you just like the rest
Fall hard don't protest
You're a level-headed fool I guess

A hard time, I know it is something you already got
Come take the plague and let the fever sort you out
Curl up on the hard floor for all you can
If that's what it takes to pull you out again

Get with the metaphor
Really should have stopped while you were on a roll

The numbers do align
The circumstances are benign